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Fonts: What do those symbols mean?

When in your Casablanca Titling menu, you will see a symbol next to every font name.  Here is what those symbols mean:

 These fonts support all commonly used West-European characters. The included fonts and the font pack 1 are of this type.

  These are symbol-fonts, which give you a number of symbols instead of characters. One symbol-font is included as standard (v1.2+).

  In addition to the West-European characters, these extended fonts also include all
commonly used east-european characters. The font packs 2-4 are of this type.

  In such fonts, some characters may be missing or included with a different style. So we will not sell them, but give them away for free on special occasions.

Depending on the type, specific fonts also include a different set of characters. These characters are accessed by pressing the symbol key (s with a circle) either on your keyboard or on the on-screen keyboard.

The following table shows these different character sets.
The characters on the left hand are supported by all character based fonts.
Only the font packs 2-4 (A+ types) include the characters on the right hand.

All_Fonts    FontsPlus_Symbols

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