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Chris Stone Shares Cool Reflection Video Effect

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Casablanca Colleague, Chris Stone of Etched In Stone Video Productions (Georgia, USA) shared on the Casablanca Forum suggested the use of a mirror effect with a full motion video clip using PIP Studio. 

You can view the short (10-second) video on YouTube

Here are Chris Stone's steps to create this eye-catching effect:

  1. Used PIP studio to put video on "video black"
  2. Used flip vertical to invert
  3. Applied fog with black/diamond to give the gradient look
  4. Applied a small amount of blur
  5. Then used Split screen 2 with clip and video black again to distort/shorten image
  6. Then used PIP studio on more time to place original clip on top of reflection

Very creative - thanks for sharing that with the community Chris!

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