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Ask the Expert: Why do I see a yellow 'SD' in the Record Menu When Importing?

QUESTION: I am using the new Bogart V3 Operating System -- When I open the video record menu, what does the yellow SD when HD1081 tapes are being played for recording?

ANSWER: This yellow 'SD' indicator in the Record menu will display while you are in an HD project attempting to import SD material. If you know for certain you shot HD footage on your HD camera, it is likely you have the camera set to down-convert HD footage.

The following 2 paragraphs are from page 8 of the Bogart 3 Add-on Manual (you can download this PDF document here:

It is now possible to mix DV and HD videos directly in one project. You can also import HDV and AVCHD footage in a DV project. In the same way, it is possible to insert DV footage in an HD project. The footage is automatically converted to the current project setting.

When importing via Firewire, the format will automatically be recognized and displayed during the recording (SD / HD). If the format is displayed in yellow, it is not compatible with the project and will be converted during the recording. You should pay particular attention to the format display, in case you occasionally change the HD->SD conversion (i.Link conversion) of an HDV camcorder.

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