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What is the Presentation Options software?

The Presentation Options software comes standard on many Casablanca Editors but was an option for the AVIO, Claro and Gymnos.

The functions can be enabled and disabled at any time by entering the Presentation Options menu, found under System Settings menu.

Presentation Options initially included the following three options:

  • Play-Counter
    This switch can be used to turn off the always visible (except for the finish-playback) play-counter. Normally this tiny display does not inconvenience the user. In fact it does give you a visible time-code and - more important - a visible stop-button.
    But sometimes it can be important to play back scenes from the scene-bin with no visible overlay. It can be useful to play back clips during a public presentation. This is only one application for this option.

  • Loop-Mode
    Sometimes, a scene or the entire storyboard should be played back in a loop again and again. This can be useful to create a videotape of a short project where you want a longer, looped version of your program for a public event or show.

  • Play on startup
    You can save some seconds of your time, when using this option. If active, the playback of the storyboard starts automatically after Casablanca has been turned on. There is no need for a trackball. You have to turn on the machine using the power-button at the front-panel. To turn on the power-supply using a time-controlled switch is not possible.
Latter versions of the same software also add the following two options:

Play with black border
This enables you to have a black border added to the extreme edge of the video upon playback live from your editor. This does not affect the video itself - and thus does not change or add the black border to the video for DVD authoring.  You need to do that using the Black Border effect (Effects Pack 8) located under the Special button in the Edit Menu. Tutorial for this effect here: Using the Black Border Effect.

Auto. Power on/off
This enables you to set specific times that your Casablanca will turn on and then turn off each day.  I honestly do not see a practical application for this function for most folks who edit with a Casablanca.  It could be used during a trade show or expo if you were using your Casablanca in a kiosk or a booth playing back a finished video.  You would also use the 'Play on startup' function listed above to have an automated, unattended playback station.

Default settings
Clicking this button at the bottom of the menu returns the Presentation options settings to the factory default -- meaning it will remove all functions except the Play-Counter.

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