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Why Can I Not Successfully Import From a DVD Created with Disk Transfer?

Here is a question posed by a Casablanca Colleague that I answered - and thought the situation/reply may be of interest/assistance to others in our community:

QUESTION:  A few months ago I burned a DVD in my Prestige using VERSION 2 of my Arabesk Software. I know that version 2 is preferable if you want to load a DVD into your PC for Windows Movie Maker. Version 1 is preferable if you want to re load the DVD into  ksebara. My question is this: I have now tried  to re load this VERSION 2 created  DVD back into my Prestige via Ksebara. However, it didn't work. Is this right? Is it not possible to re load a Version 2 into Ksebara?

ANSWER: I believe there is some confusion between two different functions/capabilities in your Casablanca editor.

The Type 1 and Type 2 is a setting in the Arabesk menu but pertains only to video/files you are exporting via the Disk Transfer function (also in the Arabesk Menu).
Importing data from a DVD that was created in Casablanca Disk Transfer is done via the Disk Transfer function found under 'New' in the Edit Menu -- and yes, it should read either/both Type 1 or Type 2.

The other function - Ksebara - is designed to import a DVD that was created using Arabesk (DVD Arabesk - DVD Authoring program) in a Casablanca.  It reads the project back into the Scene Bin (and it also found under the New button in today's OS versions).

Video/data from Disk Transfer is uncompressed (well, not compressed any more than your camera did originally), while the Ksebara footage is quite compressed DVD data.

Hope that clarifies it for you -- short answer is, if you created the original DVD using Disk Transfer you need to use the Disk Transfer import function (not Ksebara) to bring that back into your project for further editing.

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