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What's In The Specific Effects Packs (1-8) ?

There is a great resource that is available online - it's a 2-page PDF document that lists the specific contents of each of the Effects Packs 1 - 8 as well as the contents of the Bonus Effects Pack and the Bonus Pack (each of these latter two products should be provided with your Casablanca editor -- used to be they were given to the hardware owner once they registered their new Casablanca)

CLamCam Video

You will find this valuable list on the website of Casablanca reseller Carroll Lam here:
List of available effects packs and their content .  Carroll has a collection of other valuable documents & info on this page: Casablanca Related Information

You may know that Carroll Lam is also known as 'Leader of That Darn Casablanca Cult' (you can read about that on Chet's Casablanca Expert Blog Here: Casablanca Spotlight - Carroll Lam .

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