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Ask The Expert: I can no longer hear audio on my TV monitor while editing on my AVIO, help!

QUESTION: I have the Casablanca AVIO-DV - in Edit mode I can no longer hear my audio through my TV monitor when I'm editing or playing back any clips.

Sometimes it's slightly present with some static but never normal like it was. When I output the audio to record record with fire wire back to my camera on a dv tape, it sounds normal through the camera's speakers. but of course I cant edit like this.
Could it be a bad scart? (I use the scart with the RCA cables going into my television to hear the audio but can no longer hear it, please assist.

ANSWER:  Without being in front of your editor I cannot diagnose it for certain, but the most likely culprit (especially if you have playing back a project that you have heard clearly before on the same monitor set-up) is that you may have a SCART that is going bad. Some of the latter models of the AVIO editor had a chassis mounted RCA ports in addition to the SCART. I would use those if they are available - if not, you may want to try to use a new or different SCART Adapter. If your Casablanca reseller/dealer does not have any, you might try MacroSystem US office in Boulder, Colorado at 303-440-5311 (ask for Sales). You can also find SCART adapters for sale on the internet.

But before you do that, I would also recommend trying a different pair of cables from the output of your SCART adapter into the TV monitor. Plugging in solidly, and ensuring they are all in the right places. Lastly, some TV monitors have a menu setting to identify/select where the audio/video is coming in, make sure your TV is at the correct setting.

Hope that helps!

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