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Ensuring You Are Using the Latest Casablanca Software to Avoid Problems

Over the weekend there was a post on the Casablanca Forum by a colleague asking for help with difficulty he was having exporting stills from an HD project using Photo Transfer.  I offered some thoughts and asked questions to ensure he was doing everything that I could think of to help, but another colleague nailed the problem... one I should have also covered.

He did not have the latest version of the Photo Transfer software installed on his editor (he has using Photo Transfer V1.9 and after he installed the more recent 1.10 he was successful!

It can be a bit daunting to keep up on all the latest software releases, with more than 45 add-on Casablanca software products.  Here are some suggestions to 'keep up'

  • For NTSC customers, you can regularly check the Macrosystem US News page to see what new software has been released recently.
  • Another good habit is to take the most recent 'All Software Disk' (with add-on Casablanca software) and insert that in your Casablanca editor, open up the Install Product menu in the System Settings screen and if there is a newer  version of software that you do not have installed, it will be listed beneath the version you have already installed on your Casablanca. You can simply click on the 'Install' button and voila' -- you'll be up to date.

NOTE: If you wish to utilize the above method of installing the latest add-on software, be sure that you are only installing the versions meant for your OS/Device.  For example, Quad Cam v1.3 is for Bogart and v1.2 is for Smart Edit.  Also in a recent Casablanca Expert workshop I learned that two of my students had the PIP Studio 3D installed, which was not yet released for Bogart.  You can reference the above mentioned Current Software Versions sheet for details.

If you have not previously downloaded and burned your own Casablanca Software CD, you can learn to do this by following my tutorials here: Software Download & Burning ISO Disk (note there is a separate tutorial for Windows and Mac computers due to different software you would use)

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis