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'Slow Scaling Required' - What does that mean?

Twice in the past 24 hours I have been asked by web site member/subscribers this same question. 

"Chet, I am loading some footage into my Casablanca and then up pops this message that says 'Slow Scaling Required'.  And it seems to take a long time between the time I imported the footage and can begin editing.  What does this mean?

Slow Scaling Required is the Casablanca's way of telling you - ok, fine you want me to convert this video footage. I'll do that but it's gonna take some time!

Or in other words, it means that the format you're feeding into your Casablanca and the Project Settings you have that project set for/at are different --  so the Casablanca is having to do the conversion for you... whether it's from HD to SD, SD to HD, 1920x1080 to 720x480 or more. This takes processing power and takes time to complete. 

If you wish to avoid this message, you could load in HD into an HD project in your Casablanca and then to go out SD either use Clipboard and clipboard your finished video (made into a single scene in the Scene Bin - tutorial here) over to a project that is set up for SD -- or you could edit in HD and then go into Arabesk to create an SD DVD.  Both these methods will also require the down-conversion and it will take some time.

The only method to down-covnert (from HD or High Definition to SD or Standard Definition) without out taking a long time is possible if you have an HDV camcorder or deck.  Export your HDV file out via firewire to the camera/deck and then select the Down-convert option in the camera/deck menu. Then feed that project back into an SD project on your Casablanca. It's a 2-1 ratio (1 hour video takes one hour to export then 1 hour to feed back in) but it's likely the cleanest quality and is shorter than having an editor perform that trick with software/hardware.

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