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Fixing or muting the Moire effect - created by tight patterns in a subject or background

This past weekend on the Cassie Tips List, a question was posed about the Moire effect which occurs when a subject (or object) in a video has a tight pattern - like a herringbone pattern.  The resulting effect can look like a slightly rainbow colored shimmer.  Here is an image from Wikipedia that shows what this can look like:
Moire effect

We discussed this issue on the Casablanca Coffee Klatsch this morning and Casablanca colleague and website member Syl Renaud of Reno Video Productions suggested the following to mute or remedy this often undesirable effect (this is possible on both the Smart Edit & Bogart OS editors). This does require the use of Filter Pack (add-on software).

1. Select the 'offending' scene in your Scene Bin of the Edit Menu

2. Left click on the Special button
3. Select 'Shining' in the Special effects list
3. Set 'Strength' to '1' and 'Type' to 'Dark' (leave Mode to IN and Fade Time at '0')
4. Left click OK and a copy of your scene will be produced with the selected effect or fix.

NOTE: You can also produce this fix in the Storyboard over all or multiple scenes by adding the 'Shining' effect to the Storyboard in the Image Processing screen, and click on 'Range' (time/duration) and adjusting the In and Out point to incorporate the scene/s you desire.

More on this effect can be found on the Wikipedia page here:

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