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Ask The Expert: Help! My firewire appears to be kaput - how can I get my finished project out?

My S4000Pro: Just finished a project that I am quite satisfied with but have no (or spotty) firewire output. At best, it has gone as long as 6 minutes before screen going black (or doesn't output at all). S output OK but would really prefer the FW. Macrosys feels that it requires a total re-boot & it prob does (as a few other functions seem to be questionable). Is it possible to take the hard-drive to another unit that will play out properly? Any suggestions appreciated (by me & the customer).

ANSWER: in a perfect world you would have the Bogart HD Backup software on your system and would archive this project (and any other on your internal HDD) to an external HDD which you could then restore after a clean install of the Bogart OS.

Second best option would be to use the Storyboard Archives (found in the Project Settings Menu) and export out this project to an external device.

Is this an SD or HD Project? If it were me and it's SD, I would export it twice...once as DV - which will give you a single scene with all the components rendered together (much like exporting out your finished project to DV deck) and then a 2nd time as DV Backup )this would allow you to restore the project back into your editor once you completed the destructive install of the Bogart OS. BUT it has it's limitations like only the top audio track, no video inserts, and only the basic transition effect (does not restore the complex settings in BlueBox World, Candy Factory, etc).

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