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How to Keep Your Photos in the Desired Order in Photo Studio 2

I regularly get asked how a colleague can keep photos sorted when they bring them into the Casablanca Photo Studio 2 software.  They (or their client) spends much time nnaming their photos only to find they appear out of order in the Photo Studio 2 Menu... I can tell you the 'secret' is the 'Date Filter' found at the bottom of the Photo Studio 2 Import Menu.


 The date/time filter in PS2 (Photo Studio 2) allows you to sort your photos/images according to when they were shot or modified. This might be useful if you wanted to import photos for a vacation for example, you could import only those photos taken during the course of a specific two week period (your vacation to XXX) and not import the other photos on the card that were from some other drull location.

To see the images in folders you already have sorted by content on the CD (or external device) - change the Date filter to 'source directory'.  It's the last choice at the bottom of the list and should present you with a list of folders.

As you likely know, simply click on a Folder to select it and then left click on the 'Open' button at top right of PS2 Import Menu if you wish to see contents of that folder... or with the desired folder selected left click on 'Get photos' to import them all.

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