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Watch Your HDD Capacity!

In the Project Settings menu, in the upper right corner of your Casablanca menus you will see a 'gauge' that shows the Used Capacity of your editor's active Hard Drive.  The photo below shows my Renommee Plus HDD is at 78%.

HDD Percent

This can be a very important gauge to consider...especially on Casablanca Smart Edit units.  It's important on all editors, and frankly - all computers to know what your available capacity is, on your Hard Drive. 

For years - in workshops, webinars and one on one conversations - I have been recommending not to exceed 85% of your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) capacity.  It is important to leave 'space' for rendering your audio, adding last effects, and space if you're going to create/author a DVD title. 

On this editor (my Casablanca RenommeePlus) I am working with a 300GB Hard Drive. On the newer Bogart OS Casablanca editors I believe it is a little less of a concern as we have much larger HDDs to start with... for example on my S4000PRO I have a 1TB HDD (1 Terabyte = 1,000 Gigabyte).  So you can see that 10% of 300 being 30 Gigabytes on my Renommee Plus contrasts with 100 Gigabytes (10% of 1,000 on my S4000PRO).  What I am suggesting is that on the newer Bogart systems - IF you are working with 1TB or larger, you have a little more latitude. 

The resaon I am sharing this now is that I am working with a website member who was working on an important family project.  He 'let' his HDD get up to near 100% -- and was unable to render and complete the project.  He has deleted several of the other project folders but his HDD is not allowing him to recoup that former additional guess is that he exceeded capacity and the system is 'stuck'. I am working with him with several ideas to remedy his ills. I'll post a follow-up as we work through this.

But - to help other colleagues avoid this nasty position, don't let your capacity get that high!

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