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Ask The Expert: How to Have Audio Plus Video in Fast Motion

QUESTION:  I want to speed up some sound samples and forgot how to do that? as with the video clips I can speed them up 2x, 3x whatever... but need to speed up some "sound" effects to a double or triple speed. Using this method for transitional effects, etc.

ANSWER: While you could use the 'Time Change' or 'Time Stretch' effects that are part of Audio Effects Pack one - I personally find that if you are going to manipulate the video, it would be easier to do both at the same time.  You can also use 'Quickmotion' and 'Slowmotion' in the Special menu. This will affect your video scenes but also yield audio modification that can be heard/used.

These are the default (included) effects in the OS that are in both Smart Edit and Bogart OS -- NOT the add-on options found in Motion Perfect/Twixtor.  These 2 add-on software products provide cleaner, higher quality motion effects but do not provide you with the audio from the effect (the video is silent)

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis