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Public Webinar: Bogart 7 NTSC Premiere


Casablanca Expert Public Webinar 
June 13, 2015
"NTSC Premiere of Bogart For Windows V7"

 Join the Casablanca Expert and his special guest Gary McNally of Macrosystem Americas as they provide a demonstration of the new features and functions in Bogart For Windows Version 7 (B4W V7) which is releasing in North America (NTSC) Monday June 15, 2015. 

In addition to addressing questions raised by members in our Casablacna community, we'll take a walk through the new Bogart For Windows V7 interface, showing common operations and also highlight Chet's top 5 new functions in Bogart 7 so you can see firsthand the benefits this software brings to your desktop or laptop computer. 

Links discussed in the video are posted below the video

  Length 1-Hour 22-minutes (82:00:00)


Here is a list of the website referred to in the webinar above:

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