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Bogart 11.3 Release Notes

NOTE: The following was translated from the German language webiste found here:

Bogart 11.3 for all systems

The Arabesk 8 for Windows will be installed with Bogart 11.3.

The v11.3 is also needed for the correct operation of the HD and U / HD Collection 1.

  In addition, the update can be installed for all systems with an active Bogart 5 and Arabesk 6 or higher as a free error correction. The functionality of older version numbers does not change. Depending on the activation, version 11.3 / 10.6 / 9.12 / 8.17 / 7.20 / 6.22 or 5.26 will be displayed accordingly.

 The changes between the previous Bogart 11.2 and the 11.3 and the direct download links are listed here in detail in the forum:

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