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Smart Edit OS Versions: A History of the Improvements, New Features & Fixes in the Casablanca Smart Edit OS

Version  Changes 
Changes since version 8.0:
Support for two line text in DVD Arabesk.
HD scenes have a correct date.
It is now possible to play out HD projects from Kron, Prestige (and Claro) systems to Canon HV10 (to) HV30 Camcorders.
Video Spice Rack is supported again.
Audio timeline has been optimized.
Smaller improvements.
Updated translations.
SMART EDIT 8.0 first release version
With this free Smart Edit 7 update, it is now possible to use the multiple-preview trim/split feature (4 preview screens during trim, 2 screens during split) even without the Pro Pack add-on.
This installation is therefore only suitable/necessary for Casablanca Avio, Claro, Gymnos, T-3000 and Smart Edit Enterprise users that do not own the Pro Pack.
SMART EDIT 7.0 first release version
SMART EDIT 6.2c Changes in Smart Edit 6.2c since 6.2a:

Fixes system crashes when using clipboard in some cases.
Rare audio delays resulting from DV backup (backup, restore) fixed.
Automatic split of HDV footage improved, scene changes recognition fixed.
Audio playback delay during HDV output fixed.
Counter stop during DV/HDV ouput on Solitaire fixed.
Various minor HVD editing issues resolved.
Wacom "Graphire 4 Classi" graphics tablet supported.
Multi-User Edition login issues and backup control fixed.

SMART EDIT 6.2 This update contains adaptions for the DVD-Arabesk 4 software.
A problem concerning the titler has been fixed.
SMART EDIT 5.2 This list shows the changes between Smart Edit 5.1d and 5.2:

It now is possible to input/output and edit HDV-footage on Kron and Prestige systems.
Adaptions have been made to support "PiP-Studio 3D" and "Columbus  2 V 2.3" in HDV projects.

"Adding" film titles with DVD-Arabesk on Claro systems has been increased in speed.
Preview of transition effects on Claro systems is displayed correctly.
In the titling menu, "empty" lines can be deleted with the "delete" button on an external keyboard.

SMART EDIT 6.1 for all systems except Liberty and Enterprise:

This list shows the changes between Smart Edit 6.0 and 6.1:

- It now is possible to input/output and edit HDV-footage on Kron and Prestige systems.

When you select a different project, Effect Jingles remain underneath the transition effects.
The deleted parts of trimmed audio samples underneath transition effects are now rendered correctly.
DVDs can now be imported with the "Ksebara" software on Kron systems.

"Adding" film titles with DVD-Arabesk on Claro systems has been increased in speed.
After importing a DV-storyboard, the original audio track at transition points is rendered correctly.
In the titling menu, "empty" lines can be deleted with the "delete" button on an external keyboard.
SMART EDIT 6.0a This version contains adaptions only for new Renommee systems with a new mainboard (manufactured since Dec. 2006).
SMART EDIT 6.0 First Release
The maximum (rendering) time for HDV projects has been increased.
In rare cases, scenes were not rendered or could not play out due to a problem with automatic/manual HDV split - this is fixed.

Smart rendering
Overlapping effects sometimes caused problems with effect settings - this is fixed.

Support for graphics tablet PL-510 added. New setting for pen/tablet distance (for example, depending on the calibration, the pen must touch the tablet (Slider>=1) or may be used from a short distance (slider>=50).)
The installation of Solitaire PLUS version no longer creates boot problems on standard Solitaire.
Some effect crashes were fixed.
It is once again possible to select a scene via "Pick colour - Choose scene".
SMART EDIT 5.1c This list shows the changes between Smart Edit 5.0 and 5.1c. Among these points many further small bugfixes and corrections have been made. Some improvements have already been made in version 5.0k.

Smart Edit reacts much better to dropouts caused by the tape. We divide these dropouts into three classes:
a) Heavy dropouts are detected while recording onto the hard disk drive. The errors will be cut out automatically and the record process starts with a new clip.
b) Mild dropouts will be detected during the HDV->DV conversion. So the corrupt frames (12 frames in most of the cases) will be cut out and the clip will be split.
c) Smaller dropouts will be ignored and are almost not visible at all.
The 2 pass record mode has been temporarily removed (DV+HDV).
Automatic split of scenes has be redesigned and improved for HDV. (application)
These improvements and some further internal modifications prevent still images, jittering, sync problems, and more strange problems caused by dropouts.
You can load more than one HDV clip in a row onto the hard disk drive and then start converting from HDV to DV. This conversion starts as soon as you exit the record window.
Record date and time of HDV footage will be displayed correctly when pressing the clip-info button.
Swapped Audio channels have been fixed.
If a title effect has been modified, you now can re-render the storyboard correctly.
The play and record counter always runs smoothly now.
Smart Rendering can be used for clips in the scene bin as well.
Rendering of the HDV-Audio-clips for the storyboard can be cancelled now (cut to the beat).

Audio frequency during playback sounded too slow on some Casablanca systems. This has been fixed.
Creating audio CDs has been improved (in particular a problem with Claro).
Videoclips created via “Sample->Scene” and by using the audio split feature now get a different thumbnail.
You can use the insert editing method on clips created by the cutting to the beat feature (note symbol). Removing those inserts lets the note-clips remain.
Handling of the audio when replacing video in the storyboard has been improved.
Audio clipboard (“Sample from project->Clipboard”) has been improved.

Display quality (playback, trimming,…) in 1-monitor VGA mode has been improved.
Smart Edit can now be installed in VGA mode, too.

Rendering + effects
Playback can not be affected by an active SmartRendering process.
Problems concerning changes of the effect length of transition effects have been fixed.
Transitions between background clip and insert clip now can be longer than 1 second.
Effect preview now works on all Casablanca systems in all screen modes.
Circle wipe effect has been fixed.
Under certain circumstances clips created by CBPaint have not been saved permanently - this has been fixed.
The creation date and time of rendered effects and clips created with the “new” effect are written into the timecode of the clip.

Firewire transfer / DV connection between Casablanca and PC has been fixed.
Problems concerning some USB card readers have been fixed (6in1, card drive).
During DV footage loading, some systems failed to show the video signal - this is fixed (exception: analogue recordings in 1-monitor VGA mode, HDV).
Some rare problems with licensing of software were solved.
Sometimes the last editing steps have been “forgotten” by the system when it has been switched off. This has been fixed.
Problems with very large images in the image-pool have been fixed.
Some adaptions and internal modifications for the new Casablanca models have been made.
Analogue video inputs can now be used on Solitaire PLUS systems.
Timer recordings fixed on Renommee systems.
Sometimes wrong thumbnail pictures have been displayed (for example when clips have been replaced). This has been fixed.

Among other things, the following functions have been improved or fixed:
Creating compatible CDs improved (in particular a problem with Claro)
During DV footage loading, some systems failed to show the video signal - this is fixed
Some rare problems with licencsing of software were solved
Various smaller problems solved
Smart Edit 5.0g
For Solitaire PLUS, Renommee and Renommee PLUS. This version fixes the following:
- Timer recordings are now activated.
- Analogue inputs are now supported. However, setting 1 "Monitor-VGA" displays no video signal during recording, though the signal is stored.
- In some cases on Solitaire PLUS, some products were not installable - this is fixed.
Versions for other Casablanca models will follow.
SMART EDIT 5.0d For Casablanca Renommee / Solitaire PLUS only.
Changes between V5.0 and V5.0a:
Some of the rare problems that occured on some Casablanca models during audio recording have been solved. (This update is not availabe for CLARO systems.)
SMART EDIT 5.0 First release version of SMART EDIT 5.
SMART EDIT 4.2d (Claro)
Requirements: For Claro only.
Changes implementred for Photo-Studio 2 support.
Requirements: For Avio, Kron, Prestige and Solitaire only.
Additional update info:
Changes implementred for Photo-Studio 2 support.
Corrects problem with Columbus 2 (seperated rendering).
Auto DV split added on Avio (without ProPack).
SMART EDIT 4.1c This Smart Edit updates contains support for Seagate Barracuda 300 GB hard-disk drives.
SMART EDIT 4.2a (CLARO) First release version for Casablanca CLARO systems.
Changes in V4.1a:
Smart Edit 4.1a solves sporadic encountered problems with project saves in the previous version (shut down, timer controlled recording).
SMART EDIT 4.1 This free update for SMART EDIT 4 users features the following changes and improvements:
Wacom Intuos3 support.
Some Casablanca systems automatically set up the best suitable audio sampling frequency. Other systems can be manually switched between 32KHz and 44 KHz audio sampling frequency.
When Smart Rendering is activated, video can be captured without -- corrupt frames in the scenes.
Support for the Solitaire Entertainment Option (only available in Western Europe).
Smaller problems have been solved and various further improvements made.
This free update for Smart Edit 4 users features the following changes and improvements:
Motion Menu backgrounds in Arabesk2 will render now.
Avio now includes the star graphics.
Also contains fixes that enable Photo Import, PC Link, and Sample to Scene work properly on 64 Meg units.
SMART EDIT 4.0a first release of SMART EDIT 4
This free update for Smart Edit 3 users features the following changes and improvements:
- adapted for use with Quadcam version1.1
- adapted for use with Akaba (image processing and retouch mode)
- various improvements and error corrections, improving the stability of the system.
(Solitaire: Green pictures in the scene bin connected with background rendering have been eliminated. HD-backup has been improved.)
This version contains some smaller internal changes due to sporadic problems found in Smart Edit 3.5a.
Users of versions 3.5 and 3.5a should install this version in any case.
SMART EDIT 3.5a (Avio, Prestige, Kron) This free update is required to run Disk-Transfer and / or Quadcam.
SMART EDIT 3.5 (Solitaire) Some smaller problems have been solved and improvements made to further increase the stability of the system.
SMART EDIT 3.4a (Solitaire) first release version for Casablanca Solitaire demo units
SMART EDIT 3.3a Better Firewire-Hub support.
Fixed "blurry titles" problem (NTSC only).
Some minor errors were also remedied and some minor improvements made.
Some problems have been solved, in particular incorrect or damaged sound playback.
While editing, audio samples sometimes played in the wrong places. This is solved.
In rare cases, a possible system reboot (without data loss) occurred. This is solved.
Incorrect display in audio mix menu when using audio markers has been solved. 1)

When replacing scenes with scenes of the same or shorter length, effects now remain in the storyboard in most cases.
Problems with rendering when overlapping effects have been solved.
Some problems with rare combinations of insert-scenes have been solved.

Time controlled recording now also starts when Casablanca is running.
Time controlled recording now also works on Casablanca Avio without Pro-Pack.

The layout/positioning of the screen menus for some effects and add-on products has been improved.
Scenes in the storyboard can now also be trimmed to a longer length if the respective scene is still in the edit bin. 1)
A scene that has just been recorded can be deleted inside the record menu by pressing the "Del" key on a connected keyboard. 1)
The VÖFA logo has been added to the image pool.
Some smaller problems have been solved and improvements made to further increase the stability of the system.

1) Only in combination with PowerKey option

2.5 (SMART EDIT) Internal modifications to support DVD-Arabesk 2 and SplitX Image Collection.
Important note: SMART EDIT 2.5 does not install the DVD-Arabesk software anymore. DVD-Arabesk 1 or 2 has to be installed separatly from a smart media card.
3.1 (SMART EDIT) Timer record starts even if the Casablanca system is switched on.
When recording to DV without "DV-Recorder Controls", the DV recorder will not be controlled by Casablanca.
VGA mode provides a "Delete" button in the video record screen.
VGA mode provides display of the remaining time in the "split" menu.
Supports installation of more memory (RAM) to support larger hard-disk drives with a capacity of more than 80 GB.
Smaller problems have been solved and various further improvements included.
3.0 (SMART EDIT) first release for Casablanca Avio, Prestige and Kron (Avio: 3.0a)
2.4 (SMART EDIT) You can now set the project quality level to "Direct DV", even on Casablanca models that do not have a DV interface. This level provides several advantages even for analog recordings, such as a clearly noticeable increase in speed when using the scene function or when adding a project for burning onto DVD (DICON technology). However, you should be aware that in comparison with MPEG2, the "Direct DV" quality level will need considerably more space for video data on the hard drive.
The installation of additional software packages can now also take place from CD on devices that have a DVD drive. In future we are planning to offer some software titles also on CD.
The new version includes some internal changes and upgrades that are required for new add-on products, some of which have not been released yet (e.g. Columbus).
Some minor errors were also remedied and some minor improvements made, though they will not be obviously noticeable to most users.
1.10a / 2.3c (SMART EDIT) - only for Avio When upgrading Casablanca Avio to a Casablanca Avio DVD, a new hardware board is used. To support this new hardware, it was necessary to update some program files. This release is required for Casablanca Avio ONLY.
1.10/2.3a (Avio) These software versions are only adapted to Casablanca Avio DVD use - there are no further changes.
2.3a (SMART EDIT for Prestige and Kron)
In some cases, it wasn't possibly to burn DVDs. This very sporadic occuring problem has been fixed in the 2.3a update.
As with the previous smaller update, SMART EDIT 2.3 contains merely smaller fixes for minor problems. Internal additions were necessary in order to make "Akaba - New Concept" installable.
2.2 (SMART EDIT) Minor (negligible) problems fixed.
Kron PLUS reaches maximum performance with the new version (as opposed to a Kron Plus running V1.10).
1.10 (Kron)
The "Classic System" V1.10 incorporates some smaller modifications for the Kron PLUS hardware and contains no further changes.
2.1c (SMART EDIT) Hard drive full recognition has been improved. In a few previous cases, Casablanca displayed "hard drive full" too early or no message appeared at all.
2.1 (SMART EDIT) The position of Storyboard buttons has been ergonomically improved.
For renaming scenes in the scene bin, you can now directly click onto the name underneath the scene itself.
The scenes in the clipboard now also display the length.
The audio timeline display has been improved with a time scala.
In addition to low colour resolution, high colour resolution MPEG projects can now also be transcoded into DV and played out digitally (not on Prestige).
Keyboard control in the titler has been updated (only with Power Key-option).
Playback of projects in DV is not possible until all material has been rendered (created).
Image processing effects and titles now also feature the trim and push time range function.
In the titling menu press "<--" or "Del" on your keyboard to combine two lines (if they fit into one line).
Smaller problems have been solved and various improvements included.
2.0 (SMART EDIT) first release for Casablanca Avio / Kron (second release for Casablanca Prestige)

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