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Casablanca Public Webinar: Casablanca Gen 4 Editors

Casablanca Expert Public Webinar
Topic: New Casablanca Generation 4 Editors
Originally broadcast Saturday August 15, 2015 

In this session Chet was joined by special guest Gary McNally of Macrosystem Americas as they have a conversation about the four new Casablanca turn-key video editing systems: the Casablanca 4 Studio and Studio Pro, the Casablanca 4 Travel, and Casablanca 4 Touch from MacroSystem. 

During the session they address the top questions Casablanca community members have been asking about these new editors, running the Bogart For Windows v7 Operating System.  
NOTE: The complimentary access to the Bogart For WIndows 7 OS Online Video Classroom by Chet Davis is an offer available to customers who purchase either the Gold or Silver package of the Bogart 7 for Windows (not available for the Bronze level) and is subject to future availability.
NOTE: Links discussed in the program and posted below the video.

NOTE: These pricing links and hardware/software information are specific to those Casablacna customers living in the Americas. For our colleagues living elsewhere - please consult your local dealer/distributor.


MacrosSystem website:

MacrosSystem Americas Pricelist:

MacroSystem US Tech Support page:

Casablanca Expert Public Webinar: North American Premiere of Bogart v7 (Q & A with Gary McNally along with a walk-through of Chet's favorite new features & functions in Bogart v7).



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