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Arabesk 4 Tutorial DVD Supplementary Resources

Resources for the Casablanca Foolproof Volume 2
Tutorial DVD

The following resources are supplementary for folks who have purchased the Casablanca Expert - DVD Arabesk 4 Tutorial DVD. 

 * Scroll down to bottom of page for Supplementary Streaming Video Tutorials

Changes/updates to the DVD Arabesk 4 Software since Tutorial DVD production
  • For Bogart OS, Arabesk 4.9 is the current version
  • For Smart Edit OS, Arabesk 4.1g is the current version

Download-able documents
DVD Arabesk and AVCHD Files - for Bogart OS only (PDF document, 2 pages)

DVD Arabesk 4 Addendum (PDF document, 40 pages)
(Note: The above document is meant to supplement the DVD Arabesk 3 manual -- this version specifically covers the features that are new in version 4.  Also, this manual is in the German and English language, English portion begins on page 21).

DVD Arabesk 3 User Manual (PDF document, 32 pages)

Website Links for Downloading Casablanca Software Updates

Add-On Software Download Links - NTSC

Checklist for DVD Authoring with Arabesk 4
Article Here

Which Blu-ray Players Are Successful with HD Disks Created with Arabersk 4?
Article Here

Duplicating HD Projects Created using Arabesk 4
Article Here

Supplementary Streaming Video Tutorial
The following online lessons supplement what you have learned
on the Casablanca Foolproof Volume 2 DVD Tutorial

Chet Davis demonstrates how to add more than the standard 9 films
to the main menu in DVD Arabesk 4

Lesson Length 35:45

Original Webinar Presentation made 03/25/09

Once playback begins - click the button at bottom right to view the presentation full-screen
(press Escape to return to normal view)

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis