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I have begun an online journal about all things Casablanca - this is the Casablanca Expert Blog.  The blog's most recent contents will be displayed on this web page, but you can also visit the home page of the Casablanca Expert Blog here (you can search the archives, etc. from the home page)

To read the full article, simply click on the title and it will open a new window with the original blog entry.  You will also then be able to view the online videos, etc.

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CB Expert
Online Journal

From MacroSystem US News webpage - announced July 24, 2013 NOTE: the file size of this ISO image is 1.2 GB and can be downloaded from the MSUS website here, but due to the image size must be burned onto a DVD as it will not fit onto a CD. Along with the North American (NTSC) release of the new DVD Arabesk 6 software, the new Add On Software DVD includes several updates for other add on pieces of software. These include: 1. BlueBoxWorld 1.1a - An install script has changed that allows the version to be deleted completely from...
From the Ask The Expert File: QUESTION: If i have an HDV movie and i want to use or create a Picture, to been used outside Casablanca, how can I do that? It must be in high quality! ANSWER: 1. On Smart Edit you would have to use Casablanca Photo Transfer (add-on software) to export a frame from a video in the Scene Bin to an external USB drive as a JPEG file. But then you would not likely be working with an HDV project. 2. On the Bogart OS systems we can still use Photo Transfer but there is...
MacroSystem US today shared news of both a summer software sale and impending release of the two brand new Casablanca editors, the Casablanca Karat and the Casablanca Topaz. What follows is the text and links from the MSUS Announcement MacroSystem US Newsletter - June 21st, 2013 Casablanca Software Sale Beginning today (June 20, 2013) and through the 19th of July, the following sale prices will be in effect. For Club Members, 30% off retail pricing. For Non-Club folks, 20% off retail pricing. This offer is not to be combined with other discounts/specials. Two New Casablanca Editors: Topaz and Karat "We're...
Thoroughly enjoyed presenting the Members Webinar this past Thursday (June 20th) where I shared resources (downloads from the internet) which provide you with free materials for your video projects! These resources were from four categories: stock video & motion graphics, audio, graphics/photos, and fonts. The recording of the lesson (1-hour, 20-minutes) along with links to the web resources and the Casablanca Expert tutorials that enable loading/use of these items into your Casablanca is available now - just visit this page: June 2013 Members Webinar Recording