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Casablanca Expert Webinar: Importing Audio Into Your Casablanca

Price: $10.00

In this session Chet presents a session on Importing Audio into Casablanca. He will address the most common audio formats (WAV, MP3, and AIFF) and how to convert them for Casablanca compatibility. And you will learn the different options to import these audio sources into your Smart Edit & Bogart Casablanca editor.

You can view the 85-minutes streaming video recording of this lesson on Importing Audio into Your Casablanca.  You will also have the ability to download the 6-page PDF booklet that contains a summary of the steps presented along with some additional resources on the page as well.

Once your payment has been processed you will be given immediate access to the lesson - you will have two days to review the lesson.

This page is for special Pay Per View access of this lesson - Members of will find this lesson for their viewing on this page:

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