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Casablanca Expert Webinar: Sending Large Files (like video) Via the Internet

Price: $10.00

Casablanca Expert Chet Davis provides suggestions and tips for sharing large files (video files & clips) to clients & colleagues a distance away.  The online services/tools demonstrated in this lesson are You Send It, Sizeable Send, Sugar Sync, Google Docs and Mobile Me iDisk.

You can view the 68-minutes streaming video recording of this lesson on Importing Audio into Your Casablanca.  You will also have the ability to download the 6-page PDF booklet that contains a summary of the steps presented along with some additional resources on the page as well.

Once your payment has been processed you will be given immediate access to the lesson - you will have two days to review the lesson.

This page is for special Pay Per View access of this lesson - Members of will find this lesson for their viewing on this page:

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