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Ask The Expert: Preparing a Project for Professional (International) Distribution?

The following question was posed on the Cassie Tips List last evening - there may be others more qualified to comment on this, but I was intrigued by the delivery specs and did a little research, my learning and comments/suggestions are posted below in the 'ANSWER'

QUESTION: I've been shooting & cutting away, creating 5 min films for a University's online channel for some time now. Suddenly I'm told that a major TV station wants to acquire 10 of them for broadcast and to re distribute overseas including to USA. Great, but I didn't edit the short films with this in mind !

They are asking the delivery specs for FCP (Apple/Macintosh - Final Cut Pro).  But with my adorable Cassie as we know, it's quite a different system, has any one got any good ideas to meet this delivery requirement ?- Digital Betacam In stereo.  Full mix (tracks 1 & 2.)   M & E (tracks 3 & 4) and textless elements at the end of the tape.

So far all I can come up with would be to mute, and export selected audio tracks to CD & recreate a new master on a different system then output to Betacam.   Or can I do this through my Cassie then export to Betacam. I'd like to show people that a Cassie CAN deliver the goods.  But I think the Cassie only renders all tracks into one, hmm.

With our later software versions inc V4, we now have the ability to copy a project to another free project space keeping the original intact.
I could then mute all but one at the time ?

ANSWER: You may know this, but I learned some things here and thought there may be other list members who would like to learn this

- Since their requested format is Digital Betacam, those decks appear to have 3 video input options: Analog Composite Video, Analog Component Video,  SDI Video and HD-SDI.  The only signal natively coming out of our Casablanca is the analog composite video signal (which you would need to easily adapt from RCA/Phono into a BNC connector).  And your Full mix (audio Left and Right tracks) from your storyboard would be recorded onto tracks 1 & 2 of the Digital Betacam master. 

The M & E (Music & Effects) is essentially the music and any sound effects, nat. sound (ambient audio) without any narration.  I read that distributors require this in case they wish to take your video to international distribution and need/desire to add narration or dialog in a different language.   You could obtain this be muting your narration/dialog track/s in the Audio Mix menu, make a scene of your entire project, use Scene>Sample and then export that to audio CD for the post house to record onto Tracks 3&4 to satisfy the M & E requirement.

And lastly the ' textless elements at the end of the tape' as I learned was any scene that you added titles to in the production.  This would be the base scene/s by themselves, added at the end of the project to allow the distributor to add titles in a different language if they needed to.  I learned that the request to add this on the end of the tape is to keep the content together, instead of it being on a separate tape which requires greater logistics & management of the pieces of the project.

Anyway - that's a lot of extra work, but if it's made worth your while... it's a do-able task.  Thanks for creating a mystery for me that led to some learning this morning :)

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