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Which Monitor Should I use with my Casablanca Smart Edit editor?

QUESTION:  Hello Chet - I was at one of your seminars in Boston about two years ago and I have a question; I have two Renommee units that I'm going to upgrade the monitors for in the next school year. My question is, what do you recommend? also, the Renommee outputs through RCA jacks, is there another output on the Renommee. Thanks and I appreciate your help.

ANSWER:  I continue to work with a Renommee Plus (in addition to my S4000 PRO) and use the S-video jack to output to a monitor, This should provide a cleaner video signal over the RCA/Phono jack. Some folks use a SCART to connect to the monitor while I just use the S-video jacks on the back of the unit.

Be aware that the newer HD monitors are built primarily for wide-screen. If you or your students are still using 4:3 aspect ratio footage these newer monitor may not accurately display that aspect ratio... beyond that there are so many monitors that produce a nice picture.

I would look for things like multiple inputs (S-video as well as VGA, speaker, possibly headphone jack - in a school setting. CNET has a nice review page that allows you to select from price range, size, etc.  You will find that page here:

NOTE: If you're reading this article and wishing for a new monitor for your Bogart OS Casablanca editor, please see this article:

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