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How to 'force eject' the DVD burner on the S3000 or S6000

Macrosystem US has posted two new resources to help customers whose S3000 or S6000 is behaving badly... particularly if your DVD drive drawer won't open.

You may know on the earlier Bogart OS editors (S4000/PRO, S2000, and S4100) there is a button on the front of the editor that allows you to eject the DVD drawer. This same button is not present on the S3000 or S6000 -- instead you can use the F4 function key but there is the possibility the device may not respond -- if you find yourself in that scenario - you may benefit from these two new resources: a step by step text tutorial which I have pasted below or the short video on the MSUS YouTube Channel, embedded below: 


The following is the text tutorial provided from the post on the
Macrosystem US FAQ webpage

For ejecting the DVD tray on the Casablanca S3000 or S6000 models, there is no common button found in the front of the machine. In most cases, you can simply use the "F4" function key on your keyboard. There are also eject icon buttons on the main menus and in many areas where importing/exporting occur.

In emergency cases, your system may have come with a long, small metal "key" or a nail file. This can be used along the side of the machine (on the front right side between the machine and the glass) to depress the physical DVD tray door button if needed. This does take a little bit of practice.

Step 1: Get a thin flat key (one mail have come in the bag with your manual) or nail file. Turn on the machine.

Step 2: Insert the key between the glass and the machine on the right side of the machine. The key edge needs to stick inside the side 1.25". The key will insert along the side of the machine almost exactly in the middle of the glass side or just below the cut line of the burner.

Step 3: Use the key or file to press towards the back of the machine. You should feel a light click when the key presses on the physical button that opens the DVD door. The tray door will pop out. Don't get frustrated. You will likely not hit the button the first time. Just carefully use your key to press around inside lightly. If it's sticking in around 1.25", you'll hit it. If you would like photos to assist you, please email

Once the tray ejects, you can get a jammed disc out of there or proceed with rebooting with the Bogart SE DVD to do a system "Update" or "Install" if necessary. Just make sure you are aware of the differences between the update and install process when working with the Bogart OS disc. You can reference the install guides on the "Software Installation Questions" of our FAQ if needed for the rest of this process.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis