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My Renommee/Renommee plus boots to a black screen, what do I do?

The following is newly posted to the Macrosystem US FAQ webpage

There can be different reasons for different Casablanca models booting to a black screen. We'd recommend reviewing all other possible FAQ steps before using this particular technique that is just for the Renommee or Renommee plus models. Things like cabling, hard drives, disconnecting any other devices should all be attempted first before proceeding. If the Renommee continues to give a black screen on its output every time you boot up, it might require a reset of the BIOS. Use these steps if there is a problem with the booting of a hard drive. It may be that one of the boot properties has changed and needs to be reset.

1. Put back original hard drive and make sure no discs are in the DVD burner.
2. Have the unit connected to both a VGA and regular video monitor and have a keyboard and trackball connected. (You must have a VGA or computer monitor connected the blue VGA Port on the back of the Renommee in order to see the BIOS screens. The regular video monitor will not display this information. )
3. Start the machine.
4. When you see the first activity or text appear on the VGA monitor, immediately press the "delete" key on the keyboard. After moment, this should take you then to the "Bios Setup Utility" screen.

Use the right arrow key to tab across the main tabs. The last tab option is called "Exit". Down in the list is the item called "Load Setup Defaults". Use your down arrow key to scroll down to this option and then hit "Enter" or the Return key on the keyboard. It will ask if you want to Load Set up Defaults and have the "OK" button highlighted. Again tap the Enter or Return key on your keyboard. Now click the F10 button and Save the configuration. This system should reboot.
See if it comes up to the main menu again. If it doesn't then enter back into the BIOS menu with the prior steps.

This time we'd want to make sure all the boot devices are being seen correctly.
1. Right arrow across the top tabs to the boot section and select "Boot Device Priority"
2. Select 1st boot priority and press enter( a menu for Options will appear with a list), highlight the Pioneer burner and press enter.
3. Select 2nd boot priority and press enter, highlight Casablanca BEV and press enter.
4. Select 3rd boot priority and press enter, highlight number listed. This is your hard drive. (complete number could vary, but something should be listed there. ) and press enter.
5. Select 4th boot priority and press enter, highlight disabled and press enter.
6. Press F10 and then OK to save settings.

The system should now reboot to main menu on the video screen. This may take about 60 seconds. If you follow up with a system update or any add on software CD, be sure its the Boot CD for this appropriate Casablanca model. (Note: If you find that this BIOS trick works, but the system reboots again to black the next time you remove the power cable or reset the hard drive, there could be a battery failure on the mainboard of the system. The system may need to come in for service at this point.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis