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Bogart V4 Competency Check List

After a conversation recently, I realized there still maybe many colleagues who are not getting the full power and convenience that the Bogart OS Version 4 software provides you and me!  So, to help you assess whether you know about these new features and functions - I prepared this little checklist. 

Go down these items and make sure you know where the features/functions are located and you know how to use them.  If you do not (and you have the Bogart V4 OS on your Casablanca editor) go back and review one of my Bogart V4 tutorial DVDs.  If you don't have one of these tutorials - you may be surprised just how much you'll learn!


Bogart V4 Competency Check List

_ How to Set up dual-monitors

_ How to Open the 'hidden' 9-function Help Menu in the Scene Bin?

_ Exporting a Still Scene from the Storyboard and Scene Bin

_ Where to find your exported still scenes and how to use them

_ Why are I seeing the 'Placeholder' effect in my Storyboard?

_ Using the amazing & powerful (new) Pattern 2 function

_ Which screen resolution should you use?

_ What's the difference between Timeline and Timeline Mix?

_ Modifying Transition & Title Effects to slow down or speed up rather than the traditional linear (evenly  paced) speed.

_ Grouping & Organizing your audio samples

_ Sorting your audio samples by name or length

_ Using the Over Modulation Detector

_ Adjusting the size of your Stamps (Picture Icons) in the Scene Bin and Storyboard

_ Understanding the changes in the Audio Envelope

_ Accessing & How to Benefit from the audio short-cut options

If you found you do not know about several of these functions - new to Bogart V4 Operating System - you can find out more about these tutorials (and order your copy today):

Bogart V4 Intensive - Casablanca Foolproof Volume 8: Bogart V4 Intensive is the most comprehensive tutorial ever produced for the Casablanca video editor.  In B4this package - consisting of six DVDs with more than 10 hours of instruction - the Casablanca Expert takes you through every button in the Casablanca Bogart 4 Operating System.

What's New in Bogart V4 - In this double-DVD package - with almost three hours of
B4 newinstruction - Chet Davis takes you through the new features and functions found in the Casablanca Bogart Version 4 Operating System. Ideal for those who have been working with the Casablanca Bogart OS and want to make sure you are making full use of the time-saving and production expanding new benefits in the Bogart V4 OS -click here for details.

Bogart V4 and the Kitchen Sink - This Bogart V4 Tutorial DVD Bundle is a collection of Chet Davis' helpful tutorial DVDs that will help you fully understand the power and efficiency in your Casablanca Bogart Video Editor

With 11 total DVDs of instruction from the Casablanca Expert you'll know more about your new Casablanca Bogart OS Video Editor than you thought was possible -
click here for more.

Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis