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Casablanca Foolproof Volume 9: What's New in Bogart 4 OS


Casablanca Foolproof Volume 9: What's New In Bogart V4
In this double-DVD package Casablanca Expert Chet Davis takes you through the new features and functions found in the Casablanca Bogart Version 4 Operating System.

This tutorial DVD set is ideal for those who have been working with the Casablanca Bogart OS on their Next Generation Casablanca video editor, but are either new to the Bogart V4 Operating System - or are wanting to make sure they are making full use of the time-saving and production expanding new benefits in the Bogart V4 OS.
B4 two
If you are brand new to Casablanca or if you've been working on an older version of the Casablanca Smart Edit OS, you will likely find great value in the other Bogart V4 Tutorial DVD from the Casablanca Expert, Bogart V4 Intensive Tutorial. You can read all about that product on this page: Casablanca Foolproof Volume 8: Bogart V4 Intensive.

This tutorial DVD package is available now - place your order here

Here's a listing of the functions covered in this tutorial 'What's New in Bogart V4'

Intro & Code Archives (2:37)Introduction & Various functions (23:44)
Screens 1 (6:01)Title Menu (2:13)
Storyboard/Timeline Menu (11:16) 
Screens 2 (2:09)AUDIO, RECORD, EDIT
Record, Playback Menu (5:31)Intro (2:21)
Effects, Rendering Menu (7:09)Sort (:42)
Archives (0:55)Group (3:37)
 Export CD (1:01)
Introduction, Setting up SD Project  (5:39)AUDIO MIX
Setting up SD Project (5:39)Intro (3:30)
Setting up HD Project (4:20)Volume & fx Tabs (3;24)
Record Menu: Video Stream (2:23)Audio Settings (:55)
Record Menu: Video Files (10:19)Over-modulation (1:40)
Copy Project - (3:10)Envelope (1:39)
 Range (2:27)
EDIT MENUAudio MIx misc. (2:15)
New Menu (4:39)Sample (4:59)
Special Menu (6:06)Mix Timeline (5:12)
Pattern 2 (4:38)
Option Button (7:44)FINISH / ARABESK
Storyboard (4:37)Intro (2:36)
New Edit Shortcuts (1:34)HD onto DVD (2:48)
 HD onto Blu-ray (3:25)
Extra LessonsExport video via Media Manager (6:26)
Keyboard Open Shortcut (1:38) 
NTFS File Compatibility (1:16)S-3000/S-6000 Connections  (15:43)

About your instructor: Chet Davis may be the most knowledgeable person about Casablanca video editors in the English speaking world.  He worked for MacroSystem US for 10 years in the Sales & Marketing Division - promoting the Casablanca digital video editor around North America.  Chet has taught folks how to use the power of their Casablanca video editor at conferences, workshops both in person and via internet technology. 

Chet is an amazing teacher. His clarity, knowledge, patience and warm personality are such a gift to any owner of a Cassie product. 
Pat Kankowski - San Diego, California

This tutorial DVD package is available now - place your order here

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